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The Governor's Council on Fitness

The mission of the Council is to encourage increased physical activity, healthy diets and tobacco use prevention by sharing information with Kansans and partnering with businesses, schools and individuals to promote healthy lifestyles.

The Governor's Council members will work with medical, dental and other professional societies to promote health and well-being. They will also assist educators in developing quality school health and physical education programs. The current members of the Council are:

  • Marlou Wegener, Chair
  • Miranda Steele, MPA, Vice Chair
  • Elizabeth Ablah, PhD, MPH
  • Jennifer Bruning
  • Erika Devore, RD
  • Joyce Ellis, PhD
  • Doug Gruenbacher, MD
  • Candice McField
  • Matt Messina
  • Secretary Lee Norman, MD
  • Wayne Osness, PhD
  • Amy Penrod
  • Erik Sartorius
  • Katie Schoenhoff
  • Brandon Skidmore
  • Christi Smith, MBA
  • Mark Thompson, PhD
  • Wyatt Thompson, PLA, ASLA, CPSI
  • Mary Tritsch
  • Jeff A. Usher

The Governor's Council on Fitness also recognizes communities, organizations and individuals demonstrating significant support and leadership for physical activity, good nutrition and tobacco use prevention.

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